renegade ˈrɛn.ɪ.geɪd/ 


                                           1. (noun) someone who rebels and becomes an outlaw
                                           2. (verb) to break with traditions and established customs
                                           3. (noun) a theatre company like no other




Reviews for Lucky Stiff

                              "Having made this bold and original choice Renegade and its young cast did this very funny and highly entertaining show proud. All 23 performers in this ensemble piece deserve great credit. In this show the actors were able to shine as they did because of the hard work of the production team who provided a professional setting for them to excel in." Alex Wood, Sardines Magazine


                              " It was great to see how talented the local performers are and how professional! (they carried on even through fireworks).Vocal ranges were brilliant and the choreography was something else. Well done all round, I laughed all the way through." Katie Ell, Wycombe Swan Community and Education Manager 




Comments from the cast

                              "Renegade is the best place to learn, socialize and put on amazing productions." - Maria Winson 'Annabel's Dog' in 'Lucky Stiff'


                             "The two shows i have done with Renegade have not just been the best moments in theatre I have ever had, but two of the best times in my life so far." - Joe Carter 'Emcee/Terry the Lodger' in Lucky Stiff and 'Eddie' in Zombie Prom


                              "It's the best things I've ever been a part of." - Sarah Favager, 'Bell Hop/Raven the Lodger' in Lucky Stiff


                              "A amazing professional experience in a quality production and formed great bonds with brilliant cast and crew members" - Laura Deverell 'Candy' in 'Zombie Prom'

                              "My confidence grew so much, my singing improved, the level of stamina needed was higher than anything I've done before and the cast, crew and production were all so close. It was the best and most enjoyable show I've ever done." - Katherine Cunningham 'Ginger' in 'Zombie Prom'


                              "Zombie prom, I can say, genuinely was the best ever feeling I got from a show!" - Lewis Haywood 'The Cheer Boy' in 'Zombie Prom'



Reviews for Zombie Prom

                              "For it's first-ever production Renegade Youth Theatre has performed miracles in bringing Zombie Prom to the stage. Run by pros, but performed by amateurs, Renegade’s young members are in the extremely fortunate position of benefiting from a professional training & production environment, without the drama school price tag. This was evident with the group’s inaugural show, Zombie Prom. The high levels of energy, creativity, talent and discipline shown throughout by Renegade’s thirty-strong cast makes High Wycombe the place to be if your teenager has aspirations to perform.” - Paul Johnson, Sardines Magazine


                                      "For a first production, the cast and team can be proud - this is no amateur outing, this is worthy of the West End stage. Keep an eye out for the young stars." - Jo-Anne Rowney, Trinity Mirror


                            "Zombie Prom was sensational! The creativity, thought and planning that had gone into the production was remarkable and the enthusiasm of the young people in the show was a clear demonstration of the effort of all concerned to ensure that it was not only highly entertaining, but of an extraordinarily high standard." - Nick Mowat, The Capitol, Horsham



Renegade is a theatre company based in High Wycombe, Bucks. Founded in late 2013, the company received fantastic feedback from their first production of 'Zombie Prom' in February 2014. Since then Renegade have produced two further musical offerings in 'Lucky Stiff' and 'Spring Awakening', and a new play, 'Luck of the Draw'. 

Reviews for Spring Awakening

          "I absolutely love the music and atmosphere created by M.D. Jerome van den Berghe, l the six-strong band, mixed with the talents of various actor-musicians within the cast, produce a gorgeous acoustic sound that completely complements the show’s design. ... Howarth has produced a fine ensemble performance from a very competent cast which, through Matthew Marrs’ inventive choreography, are collectively captivating and professional throughout. Faultless vocals, disciplined and energy-filled choreography, plus an equally fine dramatic delivery." Paul Johnson, Sardines Magazine