Zombie Prom, Feb 26th-28th 2014

Arts4Every1, High Wycombe


Directographers - Chloé James and Samuel Parker

Musical Director - Jerome van den Berghe

Lighting Designer - Toby Darvill

Sound Designer - Kyle Sepede

Costume Designer - Anna Saunders

Costume Supervisor - Julia Saunders

Stage Management - Ben Krebs 


Special Thanks - Tim Parker

Photography  - Gary Eason


The Cast 

Nuclear Waste Facility - Prologue
Jonny Don't Go!
Jonny Don't Go!
That's the Beat For Me
Ginger and Candy
Rules, Regulations and Respect
It's Alive!
Voice in the Ocean - Jonny
Voice in the Ocean - Toffee
Case Closed
Case Closed
True Blue
Easy to Say - Candy and Ginger
Josh and Ginger at the Prom
Jonny and Toffee at the Prom
Zombie Prom