Jonny Warner - James Fawcett

Toffee - Bethany Perry

Miss Strict - Dominique Hamilton

Eddie FlagrantĂ© - Joe Carter

Ginger - Katherine Cunningham

Josh - Christopher Bennet

Coco - Nicole Lily Baisden

Joey - Tom Noyes

Candy - Laura Deverell

Jake - Ethan Piercey

Ramona Merengué - Grace Willis

Toffee's Mother/"True Blue" - Molly Watson

Toffee's Father/The Baseball Captain - William Cunningham

Motorwise Gang/The Glee Soprano - Rebecca Lillie

The Assistant/Explorer - Adam Lipinski

Secretary/The Cheer Captain - Joanna Cunningham

Stage Manager/The Bad Girl - Amy Squires


The Cheer Boy - Lewis Haywood

The Cheerleader - Hollie Palethorpe

The Nerd - Isabel Cunningham

The Boffin - Charlotte Robinson

The Geek - Bethany Hines

The 1st Triplet - Gabi Beasant

The 2nd Triplet - Alannah Jackson

The 3rd Triplet - Mia Laycock

The Giggler/Explorer - Lauryn Anderson

The Fainter/Explorer - Caitlin Joyce

The Glee Mezzo - Lauryn Wilkes

The Glee Alto - Agata Rybicka

The Freshman - Isobel Durkin