Zombie Prom


Feb 26th-28th 2014

Arts4Every1, High Wycombe


A cast of 30 young people, working with the Renegade team created the stunning inaugural show of Renegade Youth Theatre. 


Set in 1950s America at Enrico Fermi High School, Zombie Prom tells the story of teen love, between good girl, Toffee, and her rebel boyfriend Jonny 'Without an H' Warner, and what happens when he, heartbroken, throws himself into the local nuclear power plant. 


What do we want? Zombie Rights!

When do we want them? NOW!

Lucky Stiff

November 5th -8th 2014

Duke Street Theatre.


Lucky Stiff tells the tale of Harry Witherspoon, a bored English show salesman, who suddenly inherits $6 million, but only if he takes his deceased uncle on holiday to Monte Carlo. 


Something funny's going on...




Spring Awakening

April 1st -4th 2015

Duke Street Theatre.


Spring Awakening is a a rock musical based on a once banned play, about the journey to adulthood for a group of teenagers in the 1890s.